Tulip Tassel & Mermaid Tail - pendant, slide & cord ends


This is a listing for 2 tutorials, one for the Tulip Tassel, and one for the Mermaid Tail. The Mermaid Tail is a lovely cord end and slide design that complements beautifully the Tulip Tassel when worn as a pendant.

The first is a 16-page PDF with step by step instructions for the Tulip Tassel. The second is a 17-page PDF showing how to make the beaded beads composing the Mermaid Tail.

Tulip on its own is approx. 2,5cm / 1” in the width by 3cm / 1,25” in height. The size of the Mermaid Tail beaded beads explained in the tutorial measure approx. 3cm / 1.25” by 15mm (slightly more than a half inch).

Materials are the same for both beaded items: Japanese seed beads in size 15/0, 11/0 and 8/0 and cylinder beads size 11/0, seed bead drops (Miyuki) and a tassel, and of course thread in a matching color, needles (#11­, 12, ­13) and scissors.

You can also buy these tutorials separately.
The instructions are in English with very clear, detailed illustrations, easy to understand, and photos.

Level: intermediate to advanced - start with the Tulip before trying the beaded beads.

Technique: Dimensional Cellini peyote with a "flames" start.

Important note: avoid printing, my patterns may print very large.

Copy Right: please don't share or copy or sell or teach my beading patterns. Contact me for a teaching licence. Please be so kind give me credits for my designs; or link to my shop if you post pictures on the Internet. Sell what you make with your own hands - massive production is not allowed