Grace - Bracelet - Tutorial


This is a listing for a tutorial. You will immediately receive an e-mail with a link to the download of the tutorial - you will not receive the jewelry shown above. This tutorial will teach you how to make the bracelet using basic Diamond Weave, how to add bridge beads, to work in two directions. You can adapt the size of the bracelet and vary the size. You can also choose another shape of beads to alter the look. 

Materials: Berry Beads, 6mm Crystal pearls and the usual (clasp, thread, needles, scissors). You can also use other beads, as shown in the 3rd photo.

Level: this is a quite simple project and even beaders with little experience should be able to master it.

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Copyright: you may not share or copy or sell or teach my beading patterns. If someone is interested in making this design, be so kind to direct her/him to my shop. If you wish to teach this design, contact me for a teachers licence.

Sell what you make with your own hands. No mass production. Please quote me as the designer or link to my shop when posting photos online.