Pinwheel Cuff & Bangle - Tutorial


"Make your own "Academy" cuff which is the monochromatic, green bracelet with slide tube clasp and the Pinwheel Bangle - which is a bangle with elastic running through the edges, but you can also make a bracelet with the pinwheel motif.

Knowledge of Diamond Weave (var. 9) is recommended. You can adapt the size of the bracelet and vary the size, but the bangle is more difficult to adapt - to have a continuous motif it is either very small, medium or very big.

Materials: Preciosa Ornela Twin beads, pressed beads or seed beads, or superduos, seed beads size 8/0 and/or 2mm pearls, or 2mm fire-polished beads, plus the usual (clasp, thread, needles, scissors). For the bangle, you will also need clear, 0.5mm elastic thread and a big eye needle.

Level: intermediate to advanced

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