Muserie Part 1 - basic intructions & Necklace & Pendant - Tutorial with 2 videos


Muserie was a big special workshop teaching students learned to make Open Warped Hexagons cast on a nifty base. You too can now learn to make this tool. This tutorial is the 1st of 3 parts. It will teach you how to make it and play with the various shapes. This first part is the most important part, and you won't need to buy the 2nd and/or 3rd tutorials to start making "Muserie" pendants, necklaces, earrings, and other designs. Parts 2 and 3, which should soon be available, will focus on more advanced designs for your continuous enjoyment with this magical tool.

The instructions are in English and include illustrations, pictures and 2 videos (the links to the videos will be sent separately to the email address in your account).

Level: advanced intermediate beaders. Knowledge of Peyote, Geometric Peyote and general beading basics are required. 

Technique: Geometric Peyote stitch

Material: Delicas and embellishments as per your choice such as pearls, gemstones, crystal bicones and/or drops, etc.

Important note: my patterns may print quite large.

Copy Right: you may not share or copy or sell or teach my beading patterns without my written consent. Also, please give credits for my designs; and link to my shop if you post pictures on the Internet. Sell what you make with your own hands - massive production is forbidden.