Isatis - Choker & Bracelet - 2 Tutorials


Make your own Isatis bracelet and the choker using for each piece a new variation of Diamond Weave (#11 and #12), which are not in the book.

Level: intermediate - knowledge of Diamond Weave is recommended, but not mandatory.

You can also buy the patterns separately.

Materials: 3mm glass pearls, fire-polished beads, 6mm double hole Cabochon beads or 6mm double hole DuoDisc beads, a filigree fold-over clasp, Fireline and the usual (needles, scissors).

You can replace the 3mm pearls with 3mm fire-polished or druk beads. Bicones work well too. You can also make this jewelry set using other lovely 2-hole beads of similar size, like the DiscDuo, or the Honeycomb bead.

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Copyright: you may not share or copy or sell or teach my beading patterns. If someone is interested in making this design, be so kind to direct her/him to my shop. If you wish to teach this design, contact me for a teachers licence.

Sell what you make with your own hands. No mass production. Please quote me as the designer or link to my shop when posting photos online.